Reviews for "Boss Killer"

It was... okay

Well, not the best game I've ever played. I didn't spend too much time trying and got stuck on the last level. Graphics and everything were okay and the controls were not that bad eather. I know this game is meant to be hard but at least allow difficulty options and stuff

I played too much touhou....

nice game a bit too easy : D
after all the danmakus I´ve gone through this was a relaxing thing to play xD
try touhou if you like this type of games xD
1 try in 4 minutes : D


4:48 - I like it :)

Not bad

Music was jammin, was fun,

More sound effects to make it more dramatic and adrenaline rushing would have been good. Like for lasers and missiles being fired, maybe slower missiles but track slighty fired at you or something, with sounds fori t. Maybe a bit of screen shaking for the lasers when they fire.
Smoother laser effects would be nice too.

Decent still though.

intresting indeed

4:21 min
cool game
you should make anothe one :)
a little short perhaps