Reviews for "Boss Killer"

A slow start but....

Then I got to what I thought was the final boss and I was like "Oh crap." Then afterwards I got to the REAL final boss and I was like "OH CRAP!"

The last two fights were fun, but everything else was a bit too easy. Mostly because of the missiles.

Bullet Hell lite.

Not a bad game, just too easy and not enthralling enough. I played with the keyboard because I'm more used to using that for these kinds of games. The biggest enemy wasn't anything that shot at me though, it was how about 3-7x per level, the game would go totally unresponsive and I'd just be sitting there. Still beat it on the first go though. As I said, far too easy.

not bad

not a bad game...it a working progress but maybe you can change it up a little after the first few levels because it got repeatitive

Look at your other reviews for ideas.

Take all of the best parts, maybe add a "personalized" level up system (you always end up with the best, but you're this good for this moment, and can choose what you want to upgrade next), take all the best reviews for ideas, add even more stuff-and BAM, instant 11/10 rating!

Allright, let's review this game.

Gameplay: Pretty cool. Nothing new, actually. It's the usual vertical shooter.
The bad thing about the gameplay is that your primary weapon only shoots straight, and the enemy's weapon goes straightt too. So the homing missile is the only thing to do. Sometimes i even found myself not moving and waiting for the homing missile to do the job.

Graphics: Seen in alot of games. If only few games have these graphics, then it looks fine. But when tons of games start having these same graphics then they look like lazy work from the maker for not making some art.

Lasting appeal: It started getting a bit boring at about 30 seconds. Then, at 45 seconds, it got from "a bit boring" to "fuck it, it's always the same".
The bosses aren't good. They are just a weird-shaped polygon with the same turrets over and over again.

So, what happens when you put all these things together? Let's see ourselves:

Nothing new + Lazy graphics + Awfully repetitive gameplay = Boring and unoriginal work.

I may seem rude, and i'm sorry for that, but this game is good only if you are waiting for a YouTube video to load in the background.

Nothing else.

5/10 2/5