Reviews for "Boss Killer"

Alright I suppose.

Way too easy... I don't think you should be able to beat something like this on your first try with little effort. Too many health-ups perhaps?

Game also lagged consistently, which I've never had happen on Newgrounds before... slightly annoying.

Graphics were very ho-hum. Firepower was unimpressive.


The art style was perfect for this type of game. The levels do have a sense of difficulty, it's pretty straight forward, and the frame rate was spot on. Oh, and I'm a BIG fan of NemesisTheory & ParagonX9 so Chaoz Impact & the other songs fit perfectly. Nice job!

Not bad

The actual presentation is fantastic, I love the simplistic 'notepad' style with the grpahics, the mouse control is very fluid, the dodging can SOMETIMES get slight frantic, but thats the point, only sometimes. For a game thats built upon apparant adrenline inducing, franzied, furious gameplay, it's actually quite easy to complete. At times i actually let go of the mouse because once you work out where the safe zone is during a boss fight you don't even have to move.

Not sure how a game that last less than 5 minutes and is completed upon first attempt manages to get featured on the front page.


It wasn't too much exciting, too simple, too easy, needed more flash-lights, more animation and over all higher game speed wich is a contradiction with the music themes you've choosen. I felt like if I was reading a supa-duba exciting book about making cookies.

Lots of fun

The only thing that could make this game better would be gun upgrades. If you could upgrade your weapons after every time you played it you could beat the game faster.