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Reviews for "Boss Killer"


Graphism are too simple...
Bosses are easy...
Bullets are simple to dodge...
The game is a little too short, but it's ok for what it have to give: 5 min for anyone who really have nothing else to do...

Yeha it was a good game

Fair bullet hell game, just a shame it was so ugly. Fair enough you did in in like 2 days but if you'd actually spend even a little more time on this you'd get a much higher mark from me.

where's the adrenalin?

Impossible my ass, all you have to do is to keep your eyes on your ship or whatever and avoid the things coming at you....

I had fun

It amused me for good fifteen minutes trying to beat my previous scores, the monolaser guy was the hardest, and the most fun.

Cool enough

Fun for the 10 minutes I played combined, and I guess that's what it was designed for eh? Mission accomplished I guess.
High score 3:56. Kind of annoying how the best way to beat the bosses before the one with the big laser is to get shot. Health bonuses were just too plentiful. The last boss was a shift to just a mouse dodge game, which kind of disappointed me. It was also way too easy, mostly because of the health issue. I prefer my short and sweet games like this to pose a fair bit of challenge.

Still, not awful by any means.