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Reviews for "Waiting for redesign"


i can has redesign? :3

Huh? I don't get it.

Ok, so you establish that this is going to somehow parody something about a redesign...

Then you go on this long red herring about Tom entering a murder spree just because he lost a game of castle crashers.

Where's the connection? What's this supposed to be about again?

MihaP responds:

You just dont get it!!! Dont you!!!:,(((((


Redkokdaj se vidi slovenskega animatorja tuki, al pa ki drugje. odli%u010Dnu odpravljeno.
Upam da bo%u0161 %u0161e kej delou, ker ti gre dobro. :D

MihaP responds:

HeHe hvala:P


OOOOOOOOOOKEEEEEEEEEEEE .. . . . . . . . . . . . .

what just happend ?

anny way nice animations and sound

4/ 5 submission
7/10 stars

Good luck hope to see mutch from you !!


whats the name of the rock song when he jumps of a cliff and the lands on the ground?

MihaP responds:

riding on the edge :P