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Reviews for "Waiting for redesign"


Any game that portrays Fulp as a cool guy in shades gets frontpaged?
On another note, the video was great, although a bit random, and I guess hard to follow? Dunno what the others were talking about. All you have to do is read the TEXT like grown men. Grown men with beards. Because beards are awesome.

MihaP responds:

Best review ever!!!!!!111:DDDD

It's so WEIRD

But I LOVE IT. I don't know why, I agree the story went a bit off track, but it was fun! Maybe not fun-ee, but fun, nonetheless. The thing is, is that this story goes outside its boundaries. It goes outside, destroys a city and is amazing. I'm just saying that I wish there would be a bit more adventure in today's writing in general. Otherwise the animation and voice quality was a little bad at times. Not so much. Overall it was good. Just sayin'.

Ok, this is weird.

This is so weird.

I don't even get it.
I thought there is gonna be a redesign on September 22.
On Madness Day.

Madness Day is Redesign Day.

what is this i dont even...

wtf did i just saw?


that was funny xD dont f*** with tom gameing time or he destroy evrything in sight