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Reviews for "Waiting for redesign"

Very talented - Kudos for good animation

It made me laugh, Internett loves random stuff! and i like the voice acting!
I wish i knew how to do flash... :S

Cat King? HMMMM

It started out pretty good, but it seemed like you went for something else all of a sudden. You need to work on your timing and don't overdo the frame-by-frame if not no need. YOU'RE GOOD FOR 14.

Thanks for the little shoutout.


Granted this isn't the greatest humor ever it had it's moments, but what really strikes me as odd is people complaining about the animation. Are you kidding me man? This is some really fluid shit, like in the beginning when he turned around to sit on the chair, if you guys knew how tedious just a small thing like that is to make you wouldn't be saying that to anyone. Ever. The voice acting is also good!

Im sorry but....

There wasnt really anything good in it, the humor was kinda bland and the animation was pretty bad, the rest was okay, but not better - to be honest I dont think it deserves a front page place.
I think with some minor improvements and another set of jokes a movie with the same concept could be pretty good.
Please dont take this comment that offensive, and I know its really hard to animate and stuff, and I couldnt do it any better, but there are some great artist and flash makers here on NG and I this animation is not nearly as good as theirs.

MihaP responds:

Well im still young, there is still time for improvement. Thanks for review.


That.. was pretty random, but my dumb ass likes random so.. 8/10.