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Reviews for "Waiting for redesign"

Agree with ZzKnight....

Total nonsense... but I guess thats the ticket to humour these days... a 10 :)

what da hell? o.o

the flash was indeed nonsense but the stuff was hilarius xD nice work


That was somewhat epic.
Reminds me of how disappointed I was when rtil left newgrounds.

im sorry...

but i dont find anything funny in this. animation was was ok but nothing special but your voice acting was quite good. i hope you mak more flash movies in the future because i see potential here. so keep it up.


The animation and drawing style were mediocre bordering on slightly-good. it was slow at points for no good reason. Slow is good for building tension at specific moments, or trying to play out some joke where the punchline is how long something took, but when your entire ACTION sequence is marred by enough slow-downs to choke a giraffe, there's something wrong. Story (or is it supposed to be joke/punchline??) needed a lot of work - It started off being about the redesign, and some guy waiting for it. Then it moved on to Tom Fulp going nuts because he lost at Castle Crashers. Some people are claiming "randomness", I would tend to claim more that it is just poor adherence to coherence - I mean, come on... 3/4 of the animation had nothing to do with the redesign.