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Reviews for "Waiting for redesign"


I think you may have secretly found why toms avatar always has a creepy smile.

He's Evil!

I like the style, although some parts feel like they really drag on, over all, for next time, maybe keeping things moving along.

MihaP responds:

i will. thanks!


I absolutely LOVED this toon! Very well made, I'm gonna favorite it!

i laughed at the comment from the guy watching the world burn.. i don't know if that's a good thing or not :P

damn, now you reminded me of the redesign though...


This was great - the sound, the voice acting, the animation and the style. It all came together nicely. I don't see why this isn't hasn't accumulated more 5's, it appeals to pretty much everyone on Newgrounds. They know who they are...

MihaP responds:


Caught me off guard there!

I'm not really into this sort of art style, I'll say that right now. But you pulled it off. You pulled it off well. The animation was smooth as your voice actors microphone (i
hope his mic was smooth cause i forgot what it sounded like).

Seeing the score of 3.14 really upsets me though, overall this whole project was pretty fantastic. Speaking for myself, this is a whole lot better then the other polished pieces of crap that make it through the portal and get the daily rewards and features.

But, with that I'll be surprised if this doesn't make it onto the front page soon. If thats any hope for ya' Stick with it man, you're good at flash. I'll be watching ya :- )

MihaP responds:

Thanks. The score at start was at start 2,8. But then it got to 3,2 enough to get a reward:PP


This was pretty good. I like how you kept determination through the summer. Your style is interesting too! The Joke was good too! I look forward to more of your comedy works.


MihaP responds:

thanks for the review, at least somebody thinks that this is good:))