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Reviews for "Waiting for redesign"

what the heck were you thinking!

how did this get the daily 5th any way!? it doesn't even deserve that. the voices were bad, the graphics were horrible, i just didn't like it at all. i,l give it a one just for trying but over all is sucked. (sorry)

NO, blam this please

How the hell did this get fifth place??? It was bad. The voices, the animation, the story was slow. It was just boring, dude this doesn't deserve fifth.


newgrounds could use a makeover...

Not bad.

In all honesty, i liked it. There was nothing wrong with the animation, it was constant and deliberate. The voice acting wasn't bad either. People are way too picky. If i had to give you a bit of criticism, it would be that your story could use a bit more direction. Other than that, nice.

A horrible mess based around a terrible joke.

The plot of this flash is terrible. First it's waiting for a newgrounds redesign (wow that's been done like 5 million times), then it's stop some slow paced stupid scene about Tom Fulp. The voice acting sucks and it feels like a 10 year old couldn't stop giggling when trying to read the script. The animation style tries too hard to be like Lazymuffin (he sucks, but that's another time). This flash sucks and I guess NG's standards for a front page flash are way lower than it used to be.