Reviews for "The Book of Living Magic"

Nothing bad to say.

Good message, good story, good music, good art, good game, good change of pace from most mainstream games. I particularly enjoyed all the Quest for Glory references.

A kid's book for adults

"A bottle of Marvellous Macromolecular Mayonnaise. It smells lightly of alliteration."

You have to be adult enough to appreciate this, and childish enough to giggle at it. People don't want to read these days. So, if you're just flying through this game w/o clicking on everything in the background you can read, you're missing half the fun.

You just don't see many things like this these days. Mainstream bombards us with people being indecent to each other, or trying to cop an attitude. This was refreshingly light and meaningful.


this is one of those games that just makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. it isn't a very hard or amazingly drawn game, but it is very sweet and has a nice message

You never cease to wow me

Each of your games always brings something new to the table that just blows my mind, Jonas. From the story, to the visual environment, to the little Easter eggs you hide throughout, each game is just wonderful.

I just wish this could have been longer, but perhaps the brevity was appropriate in its own way.