Reviews for "The Book of Living Magic"


However much I enjoyed the 2 or so minutes I played this game it kept freezing at the convosations with the characters and would not let me say bye and continue on my way I'd love to continue playing however I can't and it is a bummer :(


I sit here in a slight sense of awe at the story that I just worked through. It wasn't particularly difficult, or challenging, but all the beautiful little details, the gentle story, the perfect music, and the storybook imagery drew me in and filled me with the emotion and prose of the story. This is an instant favorite, and is as much a work of art, as a game, as an adventure, as a beautiful story. I would love to see this in the art game collection.

Great little game with a nice message.

Quest for Glory will never die! Suspected as soon as I saw the lake with a runic rock resting near by.

Great game, though I think it would be better to break up the character speech into seperate chunks, instead of just having it all put on screen at once. That would make it easier to digest. Still, a lot of the descriptions were quite memoriable ("This flower is watching you. But don't worry, it's life of crime is over.").

great game

fun game, well written! reminded me of Tom Robbins and a way cheerier H.P. Lovecraft

Magic is everywhere

You just need to know where to look.