Reviews for "The Book of Living Magic"

True Storytelling

This is incredible. I wish more stories could be told like this. You have a gift.

Best game ever

This made me smile uncontrollably. Very well done, and very witty!



This was a wonderful exercise in creativity. I loved the story. I loved that I could click everything and there would be some silly message attached.

Please make more.


Amazing, just amazing, this story has the ability to change entire outlooks, the ability to see beauty is so profound and this game simplified it. Amazing. Amaaazing.

Beautiful and Suprisingly Clever

As others are beginning to say, in visual and challenge areas this game doesn't give a great impression initially. The narrative text is possibly a bit long and comes across a tad on the childish side from time to time, but ultimately it begins to paint a complete picture that is actually quite lovely. In addition there are plenty of amusing notes and clever puns hidden in many of the scenes. The longer I stayed with this game the more I liked it for what it is - talking to the characters is half the fun - never mind if the actual puzzles are not difficult (they are at least logical).
Even though, for example, the graphics are roughly and simply drawn, it becomes less important as the game goes on, perhaps even part of the atmosphere of the story and the importance of seeing joy in beautiful, natural things. (Incidentally I think the same thing goes for the sound - not unusual and immediately exciting perhaps, but eventually familiar, not grating and well suited to the different places e.g. Oddness Standing and Pool of Tranquillity)
I hope more people take the time to see what's good about this game and rate it more accordingly! (Higher!)