Reviews for "The Book of Living Magic"

Genuinely beautiful

I was charmed, seduced, delighted. Thank you for sharing.

I felt this game was visually stunning. Great graphics do not all look alike; first of all, they must be appropriate to the message. The art of this game recalls children's coloring, with an adult attention to detail. And there are so many details (often quite amusing!)

None of the puzzles were too difficult, but neither were they so obvious that they felt tedious. Instead they inspired remembering and rereading the text.

Designers ought to take note of this one; I anticipate it will be remembered as a masterwork of Flash adventure games.


This one of the best games I've ever played. The zany characters, beautiful drawings and most of all the message it sent created an amazing world to be in.Make more, because you obviously have incredible potential.

A very good game

This was a great game. It was quite short if you just click your way through, but if you read all the conversations it gives a whole lot more. But maybe you could make your next game a little bit longer, and maybe adding a few puzzles or something like that.

I especially enjoyed this:
"Hey, did you know the Chamavi Birka-Ast Size 74 was used by Puinenpää of Peruna to clean his boots after his famous second victory in the Marshes of Mutainen Paska"

Nice one

I'm in the middle of the game and love it. Love the story and the characters.
One word about the artwork: This is a style that is consistent throughout the whole prod, and it totally FITS the schoolgirl that happens to be the protagonist, so I can't really agree to comments like "USE GOOD GRAPHICS OR DONT USE THEM AT ALL" since there are lots and lots of stickman featuring prods on NG.

Laughed so hard at the county map showing the city of Dull and its surroundings. :]

Ahhhh Graphics

The artwork looks pretty good if it was a game made for 6 year olds, yet too much wordings to be a game for 6 and under.


The story could be interesting i guess? The graphic of the game really discouraged me from reading.. so just to be fair... a 5.