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Reviews for "Mr. Runner 2"

Awesome 2 years

Awesome, u was late to the game, but u could create the CREATE A GAME! button like the Mr. Runner 1


is there a reason why this little fucking runner is running :) ? bringt up a story^^ played it quite a lot time^^ i should give you 9 :D but 10 because i played like almost for 2 hours

Pretty Cool!

The game has nice graphics, and its always fun to have a character that's either pixelated or hilariously cute. It's fast and its smooth, and there are only a few lags. However, it's so fast and the character doesn't respond too much to your keyboard-tapping so that you have to make some split-second calculations and planning ahead. Mostly you have to try a few times before succeeding, thank god for the checkpoints on that note. It's not really reflexes you're testing so much as timing and even some decision or plan making incorporated inside.

cool graphics

but too smallish for my taste. Couldn't have med the whole thing a little bigger?

Graphics and fluidity were awesome though.


Good game; simple controls, fast paced gameplay. But I'm reminded of Super Meatboy. Good game though.