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Reviews for "Mr. Runner 2"

good grief!

I dont know how you people think this is easy. or boring. people who say this game is easy obviously quit after world one. This is likely one of the hardest flash plat formers I've ever played. each maneuver, each movement, each jump, hase to be perfectly timmed and held. and any mistake is treated with instant death. The quality is top notch tho. no glitches, no issues, nothing, this is really professional all around. It was just really really difficult. but I did beat it however, all the way to the end. now I'm going to go rest my aching carpal tunnel....

THE BEST Feature is obviously the T button!! XD


It's good bit of boring though

I got bored after level 5 ...

good game

but i got a little bored after level 9

good game but not hard

nedds to get harder