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Reviews for "Mr. Runner 2"

future tip man

make the platinum medals have sparkles so you can easly tell that between a silver medal... just a helpful future tip.


And wonderfull for runn an plattformgamers. INcredible tutorialstyle and beautyfull design and music. great game.

I say but that the design could be even better. I would have loved if the rocks would lok just beautfull. If the surface is not the only thing deciding. But maybe thats only distraction for the eye.
Have you played fancy pants? (1 or 2 .. dunno. Think 2) In the guestlevel made of chluaid it is visible o the extreme. Not the most powerfull running level, but INCREDIBLY beautyfull.

Very nice

Simple concept, very well executed. Cool music and nice design (even if you don't spend hours or days creating elaborate graphics) make a game so much more fun to play and that's definitely the case here (I wish more people would pay more attention to aesthetics in their games).

I thought the variation in the levels was impressive and it's clear that the game was well play-tested before release. Enjoyable enough to go back and practice to higher scores.

It made me miss my old sega a bit and Sonic the Hedgehog. Yes I'm old.

Nice work!

great game!

you get the feel on how hard it gets every level you pass. especially world 2. >.<
Awsome game...

totaly awesome!!!

this game is AWESOME but long