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Reviews for "Mr. Runner 2"

Fun but Okay.

Exactly what was the plot? Well it was still fun, if you make a Mr. Runner 3 make it Mr. Runner 3D!

My Daily Retro Dose- Solved!

This was excellent. I enjoyed the original Mr. Runner, and this was no different.

Also, Rarykos, Meat Boy was the prototype of Super Meat Boy, not the base of a rip-off.

Fun game

Liked it on fgl and like it here. It's fun but somehow doesn't keep me wanting to play. If Ultimatecj was half as smart as he thinks he is, he would know super meat boy is a complete rip off of meatboy. And I mean in every aspect of the game. A little irony there but it's funny how people want to compare games. Even though meatboy is about precision jumping and mr runner is about running as fast as possible and keeping momentum. So yeah, my stick is better than your stone because it's a stick and you stole my idea.

Not that great.

This is just a Meatboy rip on art, rules on how you die, and physics with max speed increased and acceleration rate decreased. In other words it's SMB with a crappy attempt at Sonic speed. Good art, I'll give you that, but it doesn't look original. Even the menu art screams "SUUUUPEERRRRR MEAT BOOOOOYYY!!!"

<Semi-decent if it was original. If you do like this, go play the real Super Meat Boy>


Fcking hard. I died like a zillion times, but daang thats fun. :D soooo much fun, if i could give more than 10 stars i would! 10000/10000 <3