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Reviews for "Mr. Runner 2"

Great Game

Its a simple concept, run till the end. Very addictive.


For some unknown reason I am reminded of Bit Trip Runner while playing this, WHICH IS AWESOME!

Fast paced indeed!

Woah, this is one of the fastest games I have played in a long time! Probably my only problem is that it's so fast I can barely win it. You really have to learn to predict what's going to happen next or at least jump the minute you can. I like how the main character is this weird black cat thing. Everything just moves wonderfully slow in this. The way the black bars are presented makes it look like I'm watching a widescreen movie.

The detail is great in this and the sounds are just adorable. There's pretty much no reason to not have your finger on a button at any given time in this game. I never thought something with such a simple name could so be cool. There's no pixels, just clear cut graphics in this. This is a roller coaster of a game for anyone who can keep up with it!

Nice Job

Making it widescreen gives it an HD look which looks really nice.


really hard really good smooth animation and a catchy beat to listen to :D good job!