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Reviews for "Mr. Runner 2"

this game is bad.

i got stuck in the first world.

Easy and Fun, Just the Way We Like It!

I'm almost about to hook up the Sega and play a little Sonic after the music in this game, so you get nostalgia points for this game. Really thought it was all-around good game, with only a few little hiccups that pulled it down.

After playing an unnamed story 'game' last night, I was very happy to get to play a real game tonight. It was simple, fun, and it was very entertaining, everything a game should be. I thought the medals were a little easy to obtain, especially after playing the level once, but all the levels were still fun. I really like the simple controls: left, right, jump and down, that's all you ever need. The fact that holding down the jump button would increase the time in the air was also a nice feature, especially for this game. Nothing is worse than playing a game, holding the up button like crazy in hopes that you'll make a jump, but all the while it doesn't make a difference. Here it made a difference, and one that I enjoyed.

The drawbacks were more about game play than anything. It always seemed like the game was running slow, but it was running at normal speed. There always seemed to be a bit of a hesitation before the character would start moving, and it seemed like it was running in slow-motion. The jumping off the walls was a little tedious, and sometimes it was hard to control how much of a jump you would get off a wall. I also found that there wasn't a lot of use for the duck function, because as long as there were not spikes in front of a small space, the character would auto duck for me. The levels began to blend together the more you play, I would have preferred a fewer dynamic levels to a lot of simple ones.

Very good work, enjoyed it a lot. Going to play Sonic 2 now.

I only ran into a few things that knocked it down a few pegs in my book

Truly Great

This is a game that knows what it's trying to be and does it perfectly. The only thing I would have to say is that it has some of the strangest physics I've ever seen. Not that this is a bad thing; in fact, it works in the game's favor rather well. Good Job!


Every level got trickier and harder, but not to the point where you give up!
Addictive and really fun! Love it!!!

Very nice work

Amazing, nice physics and everything, secrets are pretty kool.