Reviews for "Lil' Jose's Build-a-Bot"


The game itself was really fun, but it got a bit repetitive, always hunting for 5 different body parts, but you made the repetitive fun.

I like it that the body parts you already have will never drop again until you pick something else instead of it. Also when you get 4 coins it drops a body part you actually need and not just a random body part, so good work on that.

The controls work very well, i like that you made him fly a jetpack.
The design of the robots is really good.
The design of the endings are also really good.
The music is nice to hear at first, but gets annoying after a bit, so thank you for adding the option to mute it!

Overall i liked this game alot, it deserves to be on the front page!


test-object responds:

Thanks a lot! We didn't think people actually appreciated a couple of the things you summed up.

Fun 2 hours spent

Nice game, somewhat nifty menu interface, but the gameplay is a little, how do I say it, boring.. I guess in the sequel you have much place for improvement.

8/5, and the fact that half of the medals don't work for me didn't influence my score.

People just don't have patience

I found this to be an awesome addicting game. Except, maybe there should be a robot that can fly around in a jetpack, drop boxes, and build robots :D

Good game concept, not the greatest game-play.

To be quite honest with you, it was fun at first. The animation and graphics were quite good. The endings were funny, and the game concept was all good. However, just flying up, releasing a capsule/box/poke-ball just became a chore. It seemed that all that waiting for the ending didn't seem quite worth it. Like I said: Good game concept, not the greatest game-play.

I finished the game and all I got was

deleted content and what there was supposed to be in this oddly addicting game, but, it does feel a bit incomplete, despite that fact the game is quite enjoyable to a certain level, but for some reason I felt compelled to collect them all.