Reviews for "I Wanna Win!"


but you ripped off click play


This would have been a 9 if it wasn't for the slider level. I cannot change the angle of the bounce of the ball by hitting with different poarts of the slider. This means that I don't really have control over the ball, which makes the possibility of getting 3 stars just a matter of luck. After finishing all other levels and trying the slider about 10 times, I've had enough...

Which is a shame, because other than that it was a pretty nice game, but it left me just annoyed...

That was pretty cool...

Too easy, but it was fun for a bit. Kinda annoying after a while tho.

fun little game

wasnt amazing, but was fun enough.... only managed 37stars on my play through though lol

It was fun

At least for a bit and also i think the stars are awarded for the way you complete the challenges, in the brick breaker one i got 3 starts for destroying all the bricks.