Reviews for "I Wanna Win!"


I felt the same as iamnab, only I actually did leave...after the third wropund I could see that there wasn't much wit involved and I got bored :/ I felt the game was a bit corny (might have been the music or the garish color palette)and it was way too easy! Argh.

ok but

No fail-safe on the "clear" button. One wrong click and all your progress is gone!

Fuck you, game creator.

I know that you set out to *exploit* my OCD and competitiveness with this game. I know your fucking ploy. Right when I read the name, I said to myself 'no I don't no I don't no I don't no I yes I do.' I just sat there for 20 minutes, completing levels 1 through 25, when suddenly, I see 'hurr hurr, additional completion objectives!' I immidiately thought, 'psh, who needs THOSE? Not like I.... need to... prove anything...' Next thing I know, an hour and 20 minutes had passed as I gained 72 stars, and then another 30 to figure out how to fucking beat the puzzle in >35 moves! Hey, guess what! I did it in 34, fucker! >:(