Reviews for "I Wanna Win!"


Really i dont know why but i unwillingly got to stage 23 in 1 go. I wanted to leave after round 1 but something just kept pulling me in. It may be the variety


no real objective to this game... but it still is decent

pretty awsome

kinda short but fun

It was entertaining for a little bit.

Some of the levels were creative, others weren't as good, but it wasn't too bad in all.

I played it all the way through before I realized that you would get stars depending on how quick you solved the puzzle, so that gave it a little replay value, but not much. Trying to get 3 stars was either very easy (once you figure out the '?' tells you how) or just frustrating and not worth the hassle. The block breaking one was just way too time consuming to even bother trying to get 3 stars, and the match 3 was the same way. The whole point of the game seems to be just win, which wasn't difficult even though some of the levels are not described well (level 16).

The music was entertaining, so that's a plus, but it doesn't save the game as a whole. Good effort on some of the puzzles, but overall it lacks replay value, refinement, and challenge.


I felt the same as iamnab, only I actually did leave...after the third wropund I could see that there wasn't much wit involved and I got bored :/ I felt the game was a bit corny (might have been the music or the garish color palette)and it was way too easy! Argh.