Reviews for "I Wanna Win!"

fun but easy

beat them all it was fun!!
i like the music too!!
too easy tho there was some that took a bit of skill like the button you push and have to walk on the little platforms make another one!!!!
9 outta 10 because it was too short and easy
5 of 5 beacuse it was simple and fun!!

74/75 - Arcanoid Sucks!

The arcanoid game is too challenging due to poor control over the ball. Other than that, this was fun, easy, and simple - just what I needed on a lengthy Friday. Thanks!

Nice. All 3-stars are possible.

25/25 Cups, 75/75 Stars

It is doable. Some of them were a pain though, lol, especially Sliding Puzzle. Also, Build the Puzzle should probably have one standard puzzle instead of randomly generated ones. Sometimes I would get tiny slivers that I could barely see that needed to be inserted.

Yes...I too share the loathing of the slider

I still beat it, it took a while. Though actually my main prob was with the block breaker one....Its kinda unfair/pointless since there is no dynamics to the ball, no matter which way you try to hit it, it is always gonna go the same direction till it hits a wall

preety good but short

u lose 1 star because of its shortness and about the game its intersting and the last level was hard too