Reviews for "I Wanna Win!"

Thank you very much for your reviews!

I'll answer some of the statements in them:
- Yes, indeed, the original intention was to make the receiving the cup to be quite easy, but gaining all the 3 stars everywhere - to be more challenging. Judging from your reviews, this task was fulfilled :)

In the "Checkmate" level I intentionallymade so that the both mate and stalemate would be regarded as the victory. As Eorifj said, one my aims was to exclude the "fail" situations, and the other - to let those players who don't know chess rules in details, to win, too.

I actually credited ClickPlay as the great representatives of this genre.

And a tip how to blow up 9 bombs at once on Match 3 level. First, you can continue playing even after the glass is broken.
Then, take a look at this pattern (the pluses are the bombs):


Currently, there are no 3 bombs in a row. But if you place the 9th bomb in the middle of the top row, all the 9 bombs will explode.


I got 3 stars on everything but the match 3 game, idk how to blow up 9 at a time >.<


i like to win so why not play this! :)

that was fun



but you ripped off click play