Reviews for "Son, Ya Done"


This was hilarious! The drawing was well. And it was a good laugh. Well done!


This similar to sonic shits lol!


My favorite part was when he started hitting him in the crotch, the sound it made was hilarious!

Pjorg responds:

That sound would be me slapping myself in the face.

Ah c'mon

6/10 its enough im dissapointed... wase of time -.-

definitely a pro here

the visuals and audio was actually perfect for this kind of humour, lmao, i don't see how it could've worked any other way. You're improv is pretty top tier, and with this much creativity, im sure anything you make will be just as good.

keep it up man lmfao, like seriously, need to see more. Especially with this kind of animation style. oh yea, and sick beatboxing.