Reviews for "Son, Ya Done"

Don't listen to these kids

They don't know what originaity is.
Good work and really funny!
I loved the part where your microphone fell!

All we get today are dumb stickman fights and random movies, but finally i see something different!

Good job!

5/5 10/10


The only real funny part was when he unlocked the door with his foot.

review and reply

i like how you imagine things.. just what a director/writer really needs. haha. tho it was not really "that" great work. its still great for me. i vote 5 and 9 stars.

as for @SamGreen you dont really need great equips to produce great clips. it was done with effort and art and it sounded good to me. you should probably buy better headphones or speakers and not those cheap ones from your neighbor's garage sale.


Thank you for putting this inside my face. (that's what she said). You get a 4 for hilarity and an extra 1 point for the metallica cover. so I vote 5!!!


and the father of the year goes for...