Reviews for "Son, Ya Done"

loved it... buuuuhht...

i loved the originality, but i think you could have made alot more effort tward some of the running and background animation. i thought it was funny as hell though so 9/10 :)

I was thinking mehh

but the sound effects and the way the kid just chipped away i found hilarious for some reason. nice ending haha

I was disappointed...

I like your story, the voices and microphone stuff (like when it fell), but i was disappointed at your animation. Really, get a good animator to do the work and this would fit its spot on the front page instead of being an eyesore on the front page. -7 for animation, but i think you could do better, and hopefully will so +1 to get a 4/10

Yeah I get It but...

It just wasn't that good. the whole 'hey look my flash is crappy quality' thing only works when you've got something to back it up.


the end of days is coming...
but I still love it C:

Pjorg responds:

And that's all that matters.