Reviews for "Son, Ya Done"

Go out, buy a good mic.

A high 9 for the animation/art style dude. You've got a good thing going.

The sound is just THAT HARD to listen to it wrecks all your hard efforts. I don't care if it's on purpose. I couldn't bare it at regular volume which made me miss half the dialogue as I spent most of my time adjusting my speakers.

Looking forward to your next anim mate.

hahahahahahah a

that was single handedly the greatest flash animation in newgrounds history. you sir, are a creative genius.

Spleendid Mothafucka

The part where that beatboxes while entering the roof area is awesome.I mean , how many times have we thought about killing our only son on the roof of a pineapple building?And the part where he fucking reduces his son to ashes with his gun is awesome.I almost felt an orgasm , when that impersonation of Metallica song started playing , hope the singer was you or someone who you knew , kudos to him.Rock on you little brat!

:D Love it

Make some more stuff like that ! Or make something with the legendary Troll Face (:D))

Terribly Amazing

Don't really know how to describe this but even though it had terrible quality and lack of skill used to make the flash, that's what made this flash funny as fuck.