Reviews for "Son, Ya Done"

I have seen the best, and this is it.

Pjorg responds:

Thanks Bill XOXOXO

:D Heheheh.

I was for the most part entertained by this, even if it was completely ridiculous. Come to think of it, Tom Fulp really does like to front page stuff that completely insane. This wasn't so much a movie as an anti-movie. That is, it works well by how little art it has. The animation needs a lot more movement, but for the most part, the drawings are actually decent. The sounds don't sync up that well, but it's still fun to watch.

It mostly works because it's just insanity from beginning to end. It was kind of sad how that kid was simply shot at the end. At least the real life (?) version of himself was okay. I was thinking it would be more positive given the title. Those fathers.

freacking hilarious!!

8/5, and 13/10 :3

the fuck?

how is this related to dress up womens games? O.o

Pjorg responds:

Its very subtle.