Reviews for "Son, Ya Done"

It's hard to admit it

But I cannot stop laughing at this. Great work!



Pjorg responds:


I really like how you pulled this off

For sketchiness of the lines, they actually looked really good. At first I was going to get on this about audio, but when i realized that that was part of it, evidenced by the character, that I'm guessing that's you recording. Plus, the subtle jokes in there made it funnier, too.
It's the idea that really shined.


This was actually really funny. To me, improvisations seem like they can go two ways: terribly or fantastically. This was definitely the latter; it was random, it was strange, and it was highly amusing.

...And the beatboxing, and the part where you dropped the microphone. I laughed. XD

lol, not a speaker, I know the feeling...

Old computers for the lose. Anyway, very funny, animation could have been better, but I kind of liked it looking sloppy, made it funny. Mental note, don't make ur dad mad. >:(