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Reviews for "Rapture: The Game"

I'll give it a 10

For two reasons....
You're not (intentionally) dissing on Jesus, and you're definitely dissing on Harold Camping. The 10 doesn't mean the game doesn't suck though.


...I know games don't need great graphics to be a good game but...
...music was horrible, wasn't to much but dodge and shoot when able to.
No challenge, seemed more of a "Troll" kind of game.

I notice it's your last game and that it was made less then a day...
..I say it's a very shitty way of making it your last game. Really makes me not want to see how the other games you made looks like if it's as boring as this one ._.

Where is the "pride" to the work....

Interesting game.

Not the best but funny nontheless and yea to those idiots that say its racist...umm since when was Christianity a Race? I thought it was a religion.

God got made,so he did what every father does...

...send his son to do the dirty work.

lol funny idea

I give it a 10 jus because you put Harold Camping in it.