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Reviews for "Rapture: The Game"

Well okay then...

The concept was hilarious, bravo! Still, not much in the way of game play, even with the ease and brevity it gets kind of dull after a minute.

thank god

the world wasn't raptured; otherwise I never would have been able to play this game. I hope god wasn't holding up the rapture for just this reason though...


I didn't think it was so bad. It was a nice, funny short diversion.


The Concept is interesting, during gameplay however maybe include a point system, where the longer you last the more points you gain. Other then that this looks to be a quick and dirty coded game. A 6 sir is what I feel it deserves without being to harsh.

Reason for 3

Concept: 1 Extremely simple and feels thrown together. Trying to get it done before the end of the world?
Graphic: 4 Not to bad on the images, and the transition feels smooth.
Sound: 2 Sounds once more felt thrown together.

Other notes: 1 player mode? or Play game, Options? What options? did not work for me.