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Reviews for "Rapture: The Game"

Dingetje dont be an ass ( good game)

retro game = 8 bit grah... main goal kill earth ..... enemies missiles.... post a fucking post it on youre screen if you want a score ..... that fact that it is retro and a joke you will never get


on may 21 i was souppose to be floating in the air butt naked.
i was hoping to send some demon heads flying if i wasnt.
i will never understand crisianity\
nox gme

lol funny idea

I give it a 10 jus because you put Harold Camping in it.

I'll give it a 10

For two reasons....
You're not (intentionally) dissing on Jesus, and you're definitely dissing on Harold Camping. The 10 doesn't mean the game doesn't suck though.

hey im alive!!!!

Hah HAh it would of been funnier if this game was made may 22