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Reviews for "Rapture: The Game"

Why is this the last game ever?

Rapture never happened.

it was funny

haha, it's something different.

Okay game

The ide4a was funnier than the execution

above the average

but still i'm just annoyed how little homework was don oh well its only me i suppose and this is commonplace apocalypse 2012 and such. otherwise great game play and slightly above epic overall

Pretty Cool

[To other reviewers] I don't like what you think of this game. It's pretty cool.


[To creator] This is a pretty cool game. I didn't get what to do at first, so I lost. But I finally got it on my second try. I think a game is AWESOME when it is really easy! And this game was pretty easy. I'm not saying it was so easy that I knew what to do right away, but it was still kinda easy.