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Reviews for "Rapture: The Game"

The Rapture.

First of all you can't click options. For a game that has an options screen you would expect for the game to actually have an option button to work. Next of all this is very hilarious as in ha ha your game is so terrible i can't really believe that this got on the home page. Next of all you forgot your facts wrong. Jesus is God and he can't simply be destroyed by stupid machine rockets and why the heck are there so many machine rocket things. One thing you also fail at. You can't rapture people which I hoped this game was going to do. Sorry. You need to work harder and spend more days working on that game. It need a lot of improvement!

guy below me... dragon warrior.

honestly after all the crap christianity has done recently, i dont wanna hear aabout sac religious. although it is a horrible game.

just wrong

don't be sacreligious. i'm not trying to be mean but please have some respect for us christains please.


Fail of a game sorry


Really could have done without all the lame attempts to be funny and use of stupid memes. Funny idea but not very well done when all is said and done. Simple and short gameplay, no desire to replay. Overall, meh.