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Reviews for "Rapture: The Game"

This game

is really good, and whoever made it is probably extremely attractive.

hey im alive!!!!

Hah HAh it would of been funnier if this game was made may 22


wow really i mean that sucked

Let's get a few things straight for both sides...

First of all this game wasn't meant to condemn or support Christianity, it was set to make fun of Harold Camping and his followers, the developer even said that in one of his comments.

Secondly the game wasn't meant to be an accurate account of Jesus Christ, I don't believe that the developer was trying to be sacrilegious they were just trying to make a short fun game.

Both the atheist and the Christians need to chill out and just take the game at face value, both parties are reading too much into this and it's getting really annoying.

Saying all that let the reviewing begin.

The graphics were alright. I really enjoyed the graphics to be honest I thought they just perfect for the short game that you made.

Options button doesn't work. I don't know if this is on purpose, but if it isn't you might want to look into that.

Music is annoying. Both in the game and especially on the main screen, PLEASE ADD A MUTE BUTTON!

Game play was boring. This was way to easy, that is all.

So in all I'm giving this a 7/10 and a 3/5, I think the game was alright sense for being made in such a short time.

For a last time, be careful of making games like this in the future, be sure that the description is clear that the game is just meant for fun and not to hurt, offend, or make fun of anyone.