Reviews for "Castaway 2"


those animations sucks!
I mean the way he walks! Its even worse then Tidus from Final fantasy x!
if you want to make good games, dont trust in the good programs that you use.
this may be a good rpg game, but the animations and the movement are way to anoying. Its just one of those games.


Finally the long-awaited (or short) sequel is here!

Very nice game

Very entertaining.Very well done.

Quite a great game

I find myself quite addicted with this game, when I usually only play these kinds of games for a few minutes or so

The game moves fine until when multiple enemies enter the screen and it lags a lil, not much complain there though. I only wish crafting can create more than 1 item at a time (you know, like add 9 herbs and 3 bottles would give 3 potions) because crafting multiple times is pretty boring, for me at least(and sometimes it kinda freezes after I craft, forcing me to refresh and lose my already crafted item)

Still, a great game =D


click on your pet when there in the stables thats how i get them back it works >:)