Reviews for "Castaway 2"

Love it.

What would be more helpful though, is to put the names of the monsters somewhere. It doesn't take away from the great gameplay, however. 10 stars.


Just to let you know I've encountered a game bug when switching inbetween pets. The game has got confused, and has seemingly trapped my pink wolf at the door, whilst cloning my snake pet at the stable. Below is a SS of what I mean.

http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/7 11b829b64f707936f1f91e8971e41af

Naturally I'm a bit gutted about losing my starting pet!

Game-wise, it's a good looking game, and I could get into the crafting and pet training elements to it.

Gameplay is a bit of a grind, sadly. I'm aware this is a bit of a redundant thing to say for a huge RPG game that you guys have created, but the combat system is just sluggish space bar bashing, with a few spells inbetween. Also crafting items is so slow! I wish I could create multiple potions at one time.

Might return to playing this sometime tomorrow, to see if the game beyond the village is any different. Otherwise grinding just doesn't hold my interest, even with medals.

likwidgames responds:

Would you mind sending me a PM describing what you did before this happened?

Great game

Is much better then the first one was just wondering for crafting is there a way to make more of one item for example potions i was trying make couple and actually had to keep putting 3 herbs and empty bottle is there a way to make multiple of them in one go? that is the only part i found annoying other than that great job :D

fun, but has issues.

Addictive and attractive, but buggy. I got killed by Sister Pedro when my character would only run or fight in one direction - away from my target, unfortunately. Also got briefly stuck at most entrances/exits. The lack of a detailed map was also an annoyance. Still a fun game, though.

likwidgames responds:

We will be releasing an update shortly that should fix this. It seems to be a rare case where flash does not recognize a key getting released when the user's CPU "hiccups" at the right time.

Extreme improvement

The first one was extremely annoying. Thank you for making another, It is beautiful!

Love it, and you!
Astrodeath :D