Reviews for "Castaway 2"

\m/ its very nice

the game play is good the animation is good the story is good what else needed its perfect.

Pretty good so far

To the guy below, don't worry about selling or discarding your stick, because you can buy it at the weapon shop later under blunt weapons

Superb looks

This game feels very nice. The design is superb. For an RPG game in flash it's fantastic. One little thing: I don't think a big RPG like this is suited for being a flash game. This game would fit awesomely on a handheld though!

A large improvement

The last castaway was just so lame and repetive, this one is so much better. better battle system no perma-death for pets. They say you can't beat the origional but this proves it wrong.

ow boy..

okay after playing it for a ammount of time.. i have one tip.
Whatever you do, DO NOT throw the stick in your backpack away. The first weapon (kinda weaponish) you get is the stick, and if you need to throw something away, because the backpack is getting to heavy. Don't throw away the stick. You will need it later. I had to find it out the hard way.. x0

other than that exellent game. really