Reviews for "Castaway 2"


The game is great, i love first part and this one is better! Improved graphics and same great playability.
But i find a problem: i have played and when i reload game it stucks in preloader and doesnt work.
Someone has this problem? Is a bug or is a problem of my system?

cool game bro

i really liked the first castaway, but this one...AWSOME,my favorite game evar...i swear i will play at least...4 hours a day :P, dude, u rocked in this one...ive played the first and i saw a lot of comments about the gameplay, and another stuff (castaway 1 and 2)but i dont see anything wrong with it, its veryveryverydesuveryveryverynyanveryv ery awsome


its great and reminds me of zelda and SoM on snes !

one big thing is the stun duration , its to strong at the beginning and as i was lvl ~20 u get stunned once and die without doing anything against it :(


But you need to fix the game play.

Good, but.. many bugs and oversights

Screen does not size with browser zoom factor.
So, game only works at 100% zoom.

Medals do not work retroactively.
I logged in using my armorgames account, and got the save game. But... no medals were awarded at all.
I killed 1 mob, and got a medal - but all the older medals would mean I have to completely start over again... >_> uncool

NPCs are GREEDY as heck.
In any other rpg you can stay at the inn for free.
Here, they charge you 10g per level that your player has reached.
This really should be changed to be free, as it impedes player development.
If anything, you can make items more expensive to compensate, but it's quite silly to have to sit afk for minutes to regain your health, if you could stay at the inn for free.

Many bugs regarding quests.
If you kill a boss before you do it's quest you won't be able to progress, and have to restart the game again.
Kill quests are also too long. kill 25, 30, or more? Pulling that down to 10-20 would make them faster and less frustrating.

Crafting is SLOW, it'd really improve the crafting to get rid of the whole white screen and animation and simply craft the item once you click the button.

Quality/Music/sound settings are not remembered upon loading a game.
Kind of silly, no?

All 'n all, it's a lot better than the first version. But still a lot that should be polished.