Reviews for "Castaway 2"



Damn this is a long game

Been playing for hours now and I'm only about halfway through I think, just beat that crazy skull head boss, pretty tough. The game is great, good level up system and the crafting just makes it have more depth, great job on the enemies and attack patterns. My only complaint, though it's probably just cause my computer sucks is that after awhile it starts to lag like crazy, where my character just walks like a slug, but once I refresh the page it's all good.

Lots of improvement from 1

I like the changes you have made. such as being able to revive pets, the crafting system, and the more interconnected feeling of the in-game world. The levels are great expanses and the graphics are pretty good.
I have noticed a glitch tho... If you have two of the same shield it says they both equip making it so you cant sell the extra without unequipping your active shield.
I also have a few suggestions on little additions.
1: It doesn't seem you can sell eggs in stores so the only option is to hatch them.
2:Adding hot keys for the quick select bar with the default selection being the hero. Its a little hard to select the things there while still focusing on the battle.
3:It would be nice if there were buttons inside the pop-up menu to switch between inventory, stats, quests, ect. but this isn't really that important just a nice touch.
4: Automatically accept new quests when you talk to a statue. I mean there's never a reason to not accept it right?
Anyway of what Iv played so far this is a good game and I plan to play more. Keep up the great work.


Holy shit this is a grate game reminds me of Sword of Mana


this game is great, it feels alot like swordstory accept with multiple companions.