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Reviews for "The Abusive Review Quiz"

nice! :)

nice game overall. I loved the music you choose for it and this should be recommended for newcomers :) definitely very helpful


pero no lo entendi muy bien xD


Overall this is a good game and it helps you learn how to review games better personally i thought this game helped me out a lot bc im new to newgrounds and i never know which way to go on the + - x thing but then i took this little quiz and first try i got silver so i kinda knew what i was doing which made me feel better but overall game helps newcomers out on there whistle status and how or what they should do on certain reviews even though the reviews on the quiz are opinion based i still finally got deity and i was proud

Thank you so much for the help and learning on how to review posts

Cool game!

Pretty accurate too. Great tutorial for newbies.


Realistical situations, nice job. I got deity! :D