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Reviews for "The Abusive Review Quiz"

Nice game

It will help the new users on newgrounds.


I love the idea for this quiz game.
This is how it goes:
One is Two
Two is Three
Three is Three
Four is One
Five is Three
Six is Three
Seven is Three
Eight is One
Nine is Two
Ten is One
Eleven is Three
Twelve is One
Thirteenth is Two
Fourteen isOne
Fifteenth isTwo
Sixteen is Two
Seventeen is Three
Eighteenth is Two
Nineteen is Three
Twenty is One

One is helpful, Two is Useless, and Three is abusive.
I hope this really comes in handy for everyone.

Cannot find the easter egg!

My hair is turning white from looking for the f@#king easter egg! Have all the others, someone please PM me as to its location. I thought it was at the preloader but I can't find anything to click to save my life. My wife couldn't find it either.

Enjoyed the game, though.

A little boring

I like the idea and concept of this game, and it's much better than those silly Hentai quizzes you see all the time, but it got too boring; too old too fast. The reason why I kept on playing after my first go was because of the medals.
Anyway, here's a cheat to win the quiz:
23313331213121223231 (1 being helpful, 2 being Useless and 3 being Abusive.)
Nice try, though. :)

good game

it is great to teach new people who made an account to teach them whats good for some reviews