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Reviews for "The Abusive Review Quiz"

A little push

A good game that teach rookies how
to classify the reviews on newgrounds
though I only manage to get the silver medal,
Here a good tip (I belive some persons
will thinks this a cheat):
-20 reviews
-6 helpful
-6 useless
-8 abusive

This will teach rookies

Beginners or people that don't know what's best for review can learn by this game.

Cool game.

I got gold on my first try! :D And some of the reviews were funny. :)


I like it! I got silver on my first try but after you play it once the only point in playing it again is to getter a better whistle.

educational and slightly entertaining

Concept: A quiz game that test the players knowledge on reviewing flashes. Simple and refreshing from the countless Rated Adult quizzes in this site. (not to say that anything is wrong with them.)

While the only thing interactive here is the left mouse button like most quiz games. The quiz itself is pretty challenging and requires players to use their head rather than their feelings on each of the reviews in question. After 2 rounds I can't get past a bronze whistle and I like to think I have a good eye for critiquing user reviews (considering a lot of them are garbage.) So I feel safe to say the game is accurate, and yeah apparently I have a lot to learn about when and when not to label a review abusive.

Music: the only sound in the game and I gotta say I didn't really enjoy the the remix to the "Newgrounds Rumble" Theme because of the weird lyrics, it was good enough as an instrumental. I THINK There was another song after that but it started to bug me so I muted the volume. No offense to FDA but that track was kinda disappointing.

The quiz game is pretty nice, it may lack appealing presentation and has a remix that could use some work. But makes up for it with what I like to think, truthful answers, as well as challenging questions for those like me who haven't fully mastered critiquing reviews. NG is crawling with users who put forth useless/abusive reviews and hopefully this game can turn those so called reviews into real reviews that are fun to read as well as being useful to the author.

I'll definitely put this on my fave's to see if I can eventually reach the gold whistle and beyond.

Nice job guys