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Reviews for "The Abusive Review Quiz"

A review on a game about reviews. How ironic?

This game is pretty good, and it helps you practice seeing what kind of reviews are allowed and such. Plus, there are plenty of medals to encourage us to learn more about allowed review examples and such. I got silver on my first try, though I thought I'd get at least gold. Overall, good idea for a game!

how do u play

i cant play it everytime i try to play it this thing about punk-o-matic comes up saying to play that game so please respond how do uplay this game if i knew how to play it i wouldve rated it more -_-

Hacsev responds:

Roll your mouse over the "?" icon. You should be able to figure it out by yourself.

Good game for people new to NG!

Can't get the three secret medals? :o What are they.
Cool game though, great for newgrounds beginners!
If someone's new to NG this came could really help them out!

Kinda cool !

Quite cool , this could probably teach people how to rate reviews properly ! It's a fun little test but there is very little replayability , other than that it's a great little game . Good work !

contradicting myself

I dont like the game and I dont understand it but Im giving it a perfect rating in hopes of getting the 100 points...is that the point or am i way off???

Hacsev responds:

You are way off. The flash was a challenge to see how you would rate reviews in NG.