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Reviews for "The Abusive Review Quiz"

Very nice.

Some of them are fairly obvious, but it's a nice way to get your point across. Though, I would have made it much more informative. Maybe at the end, have a nice flash about how to tell abuse from a bad review, etc.
Also, the music is unbearable. It gave me a headache. You should take it out.


i got 3 badges at onece

Hacsev responds:

I have no idea how. Maybe you hacked it or something. PM me with the details.

Good in a lot of ways, but not all.

The game was moderately amusing, and I did enjoy the medals. However, I found the music somewhat unpleasant (thank you for the mute button.) I like the idea behind it, but some of the answers really bugged me.

On the reviews taken from Punk-O-Matic and Stick animator 2 the reviews were supposed to be flagged as useless. Yet, on any other submission they would have been abusive. And if the author asked for people to post their levels in reviews, and the level is fun, and the reviewer doesn't have anything else to add; then a review like that could very easily be considered helpful. I didn't really think it was the best choice, since it was kind of a gray area and we were just supposed to guess what YOU thought they were.

Most of the other reviews were fairly good choices, and didn't have too much room for interpretation (at least between helpful/useless.) I actually found it handy for helping to memorize the way to differentiate from reviews that are just useless, and the ones that are actually abusive. Kudos for that.

While unavoidable to some degree, the fact that I could tell the presence of your opinions takes away from the message of the game.

Also, I really, REALLY hate it when people give medals for linking through to their userpage, etc. Yeah, it's a free medal, which is awesome; but it seems a bit...scummy?

The other secret medals seemed a bit off too. "Don't cheat" warnings almost always appear in the right click menu on flash games, so I did find it, but I can't think of any way it would help in this game. (This is why I'm revealing it here.) The Easter Weebl was also a bit odd. Typically there is at least some sort of signal when your mouse hovers over the Easter egg, because people really don't usually click blank space. The actual eggs are brightly colored for a reason you know.

For the other reviewers who didn't go TL:DR here's a tip for you. You can still find the Easter Weebl after it loads (thankfully) and you should be careful not to click on the ad instead (cause they're kind of close together.)


pm me where webbl is

Weebl Medal. (Yeah, I'm revealing it.)

The Weebl medal is in the middle of the screen, directly below the A in Abusive.