Reviews for "TW. The Purple Menace"

You guys thought 10 was bad? 12 is the worst level. It is almost literally impossible. -2 for level 12, +3 for the rest.

One of my favorite games here. Verry very good. Just epic. Keep making games bro !

Woot! Awesome game :D it was a nice challenge, for all the people struggling, heres a tip.

The enemy can only launch at most 2 tentacles. if you land a direct hit, cut your tentacle at the base ;P

4.5 the rest was gone in zone 10 TT_TT

This was a really great puzzle game. It definitely gets you thinking.
As for level 10; it was extremely difficult but it's doable. It took me about 15 minutes to complete but it was worth it. I love the game. The music especially fits well.