Reviews for "TW. The Purple Menace"

Darkreaper13 - level 10 is all about acting fast and hard and staying on top. I found it difficult once, but now it's easy. Have you tries level 11? That's hard

You know I thought the image made by the medals was a little silly.
Then I played the game.

wow!!!!!! This game is very well done! I love this game!

Dude. Zone 10 is imposible.

Great game
try buildimg "triangles" with your microbes. That way they'll boost each other and grow much faster.
Graphics are pretty simple yet completely enough for this game. Sound effects are decent. A little more music might be cool.
I also love the improved cutting- now you cut every tentacle, where in part 1 you could only cut one tentacle at a time.

Absolutely love both games, I ecpect part 3 to be awesome as all hell.

p.s.: I seem to be too stupid to play the shared levels. Can anyone tell me, how that works?